Thursday, October 9, 2008


Reading Blankets seemed to be a little easier to understand than Fun Home. Page by page it just seemed to be a quicker read where I could follow what was going on. Containing mostly dialog on each page rather than text and dialog I think made it significantly easier to comrehend. Although reading through the first few chapters of Blankets I did notice that the pictures did not tell the story as well as Fun Home did. The pictures of Blankets contain a great deal of detail, but don't help explain really as well as the pictures of Fun Home. My group this week had transitions. I found many transitions throughout the first couple chapters mostly being moment to moment. Starting with the first couple pages around page 11 where phil and craig are sleeping you can see some moment to moment transition as well as page 22 and 23 when the bullies are rocking craig back and forth. Moment to moment comes up a lot as we can also see it on pages 36 and 37 coming home from school talking to his brother on the couch, 50 witht the teacher talking about heaven going on and on, 68 through 71 when craig and phil are trying to sleep on the hot day but can't because they are uncomfortably sweaty, and 83 to 85 when he sneaks out of the cabin at church camp to walk around. As well as moment to moment, you can also see action to action, scene to scene, and aspect to aspect come up rarely. Page 12 as phil throws craig out of bed, page 40 as craig plans his escape from home, and page 95 as they are running through the snow at church camp you can see action to action. Scene to scene can be found on pages 75 and 82 when craig and phil are playing outside in the snow and when the camp counselor comes and yells at the boys to go to sleep. Lastly aspect to aspect I found once on page 118 when there is caos in the rec room and different things are going on.

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