Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun Home 2

Following chapter 3 the relationship between words and pictures became very connected. For every picture captured in a scene you knew exactly what the words were going to be. This made reading and comprehending much easier to be able to look at the words as pictures. There was also a lot of action to action scenes where one frame to another would fit together perfectly. That also helped greatfully to be able to see a connection between what was happening moment to moment. There was a great deal of detail in the back of scenes including the Sunbeam Bread which came up in several occasions. I thought she and her father got much closer once realizing that they were living the same life. It got a little confusing when trying to follow the transition from college to home and back to when she was a child, but pictures helped sort it out. It took a couple times over to understand what was being said it what time instants. Throughtout the ending part of the book interacting with her mother you could tell was very weird and uneasy for her, but as for with her father she opened up and told him everything. I wonder if that encouraged her or gave her a slight push to the way she became. I did like the references to Cather in the Rye with the school teacher being brought up for being gay and Holden staying at his house. Really enjoyed the ending connecting everything together.

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