Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun Home

I really enjoyed the start of Fun Home with the father and son playing airplane because that is an experience I once did when I was a little kid too. I could relate to the boy very well because my father too liked everything to be perfect. Make it be furniture or cleaning the house, he was always doing something around the house to make it look better than it did. The pictures really helped me understand what was going on as they illustrated very nicely what was being said in the text. I like that much better so you can actually feel what is going on instead of just reading it and imagining from the words. It shocked me to read the question of the father having sex with little boys while they were attending mass. Talking about an ideal husband and then saying something drastic like that through me off. When the boy talks about his father dieing it gets a little depressing to see him reliving the happy moments he spent with him. I too thought about the moments I used to spend with my dad. It got even more strange for me when I found out the family business was running a funeral home. It was difficult to read about the father comititing suicide, but what really got me was how the family reacted to it. Being around the funeral home all those years made him dieing in a way not so much of a big deal. I would be defistated if I lost a parent and they acted by grinning at one another. My favorite part was the connection between the children's favorite story about their father getting stuck in the mud and the ending line where the boy says his father was stuck in the mud for good this time.

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