Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benson / Orlean

Benson was a rather short essay. Reading it went by quickly and it barely had a relevant meaning. The younger sister was telling about her life living under her older sister. Nicely describing the things she does and her as a person. As well as making it very obvious that her boyfriend does not love her, but loves everything else he does. The older sister was becoming a bad influence for the younger sister and in knowing so showed some of her innocence. In the end I did not expect the boyfriend to fall for the younger sister, as she then rejected him although stating she was different and maybe a better person than her sister.

Reading Orlean I wasn't interested until it starting getting weird. Although that sounds funny this is what I mean. She was going off about herself and all these things she did and what not, but when she told the story of Colin really got me. The way she started of her and Colin one day being married was strange to me. Going on about all the things they would do and be good at and like together still had me confused. As she then turned to talk about Colin's life I finally understood. Everything she mentioned of his life was the same as when they were to get married. The college he was going to, what he would study, the games they would play, etc. Once I caught on I started to really enjoy the essay. It was funny and the exactly what a ten year old kid thinks of and does. It had a great wrap up to the essay.

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Lauren K. Hansen said...

Do you think that ambiguity or confusion at the beginning of Orlean's piece may have been intentional? Do you think it worked to keep a reader interested?